Interrupt calling from HEW

Hello All,


My problem statement = How to call ISR function automatically when interrupt will get generated ( in HEW) ?

As per knowledge, In HEW, there is "intprg.c". This .c contains all the functions with interrupt name. 

and in "vecttbl.c" , there is a function pointer named "void (*INT_Vectors[])(void)". and this function body contains address of all the functions which are present in "intprg.c".


So, I have called my "CAN_Ch_1_TX_ISR()" in interrupt function present in ""intprg.c".


So I enabled all interrupts in code. but when interrupt is generated, "CAN_Ch_1_TX_ISR()" not gets called automatically?


Is there any HEW setting needed to do for this?

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  • You still haven't said what processor, assuming an RX family then there are multiple locations you need to access to get an interrupt working not just the peripheral, also the IR register in the peripheral does not mean it is generating an interrupt just that if it were enabled it would do. So you need to check the peripheral interrup enable bit and the Interrupt control unit for the peripheral

  • I am using sh2A processor.
    I have unmasked interrupt using IMR register of sh72531.
    And also set highest priority to interrupt using IPR register of "Interrupt controller"
    sh72531 has HW interrupt controller