Memory Access Error while using SH2A FPU simulator .


I am using SH72531 board. I want to write/read some data in EEPROM. While copying the FCU firmware from FCU firmware area to RAM , I am getting the following errors :

Memory Access Error(Address:H'0040200C)
Memory Access Error(Address:H'80FF8000) 


Here is the code snippet :

INT_FCU_FIRM = 0x00402000;
INT_FCU_RAM = 0x80FF8000;
INT_FCU_SIZE = 0x00001FFF;

sen = (unsigned int *)INT_FCU_FIRM;
rec = (unsigned int *)INT_FCU_RAM;

while(sen <= (unsigned int *)(INT_FCU_FIRM + INT_FCU_SIZE))
*rec++ = *sen++;


I am getting the error while the execution flow enters the while loop i.e for the statement *rec++ = *sen++.

Is there anything wrong in the code or I am missing some settings?





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