one problem happening f in the HEW for H8S2148 controllers controller remains blank


We were using HEW from 12 years , There is one problem happening from last month  in the HEW for H8S2148 controller . After building the software , *.mot file is genereted , when the same is downloaded into the controller . Flash IDE shows downloaded successful but controller remains blank and nothing gets into the controller flash .Older programs present inside the controller gets erased . Is this a problem with licence issue , any updates required for using H8S toolchain.,Kindly let me know.


  • This is no license issue.
    Have you checked the contents of your mot-file? Is the contents in a valid address range?
    Have you tried to download the debug file *.abs?
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    Hi , There are hexadecimal contents in the mot file . I have not tried downloading *.abs. Does this *.abs file can be downloaded
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    The abs file can be downloaded using the debugger. It cannot be used on the flash programmer.
    Of course the mot-file has hex-contents. Thus it is simple to check the addresses.
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    I have installed HEW in a formatted PC with XP OS in order to check the problem . and it when building shows . Where can I get the trial licence now for H8S

    Phase H8S,H8/300 Assembler finished ,
    Phase OptLinker starting
    Software license problem:
    Duration of Trial License of UNKNOWN is exhausted. (37)
    Maximum link size limited to 64KB code+data.
    L3430 (F) The total section size exceeded the limit
    Optimizing Linkage Editor Abort
    Build Stopped - Fatal Error

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    You are telling us that you still use trial version after working 12 years with H8S?
    A trial license is valid for 60 days after installation. Apparently on your PC this period has passed. So now the compiler is limited to 64KB of linked code size.
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    Yes correct , We the old licence also but nothing is working . This very old software developed on this platform , But some changes needs to be made .Seems to be a problem . I am trying in different PC so that the problem is solved . Its urgent for us now . So asking for any trial license is available for 30 days for this compile r .
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    It sounds like you were using a licensed version but have tried to install on new pc. Renesas do have a license transfer request form to fill in we moving to a new machine. This will depend on you having the correct license code.

    You may find that they can't generate a new license for old versions. If they give you a new license code for a slightly newer version will then probably depend on how big a customer you are, otherwise you may have to just buy the latest tools available.

    Alternatively try and get the code down below the, 64k limit.


  • kuttanda navin,

    Have you resolved your issue?

    Mike Clements
    RenesasRulz Moderator