Memory usage in HEW


I am using HEW ver 4.0 

I want to know how much memory ( data and flash ) used in the microcontroller.  Say 52% of ROM and 70% of RAM..

Where i can see this detail in HEW?



  • Should appear in the compiler output.  But the format depends on the linker you are using not Hew.  If using the M16C and renesas toolchain there is a memory map viewer separate from Hew.  In most cases you could refer to the Map file produced by the compile/link process but this is more complicated than reading the information given at the end of the compile process.


  • It does not show at the compiler output. By the way i am using "Rx Standard Toolchain"

  • I can able to see the memory map section wise. But i can not be able to figure it out the how much of total flash memory has been used by the controller.

    Can anyone help me..


  • The first thing you need to do when asking questions about the tools is to specify the tools being used.  Remember HEW is just an IDE, an interface to a number of different possible toolchains.

    H8,M16C,RX, Renesas compiler, Kpit compiler etc.

    Differences in this would affect how the sections are displayed

    If you have checked that after compilation it doesn't give you a message that says how much code and data space is being then in the sections just add up the sizes of the ones referring to Flash sections and then ones referring to Ram sections and use the totals to work out the percentage for you particular device.


  • CC-RX has a linker option "-total_size", which outputs the size of each section in the Build output.

    This option can also be selected in the dialog to configure the compiler. Go to the Link/Library tab, select category "Other" and check "Display total section size".

    In View > Map you can also get a overview of all defined sections and tthe memory used by each section.