Errors and Warnings while migrating HEW Project migrating to EWH8(IAR Embedded workbench) project


I am migrating a HEW project(H2329F) to IAR Embedded workbench, I am able to build the migrated project with some pragma directive warnings.

I am getting error while using the output file format as 'ubrof5', Is it Global 'Output format' in HEW toll is equivalent to Linker output format 'ubrof 5(forced)' in EWH8 tool..?



  • 1. HEW is NO compiler or linker. So it cannot have any output format. You use some old compiler inside HEW. This could be the Hitachi H8 compiler or an ancient IAR compiler (V.1.xx).

    The Hitachi compiler uses Elf/Dwarf or SYSROF as debug file format.

    The IAR compiler uses UBROF, but depending on the compiler version it may not be UBROF5.