Can we check CRC for the file in HEW compiler?or how can we do it? is there any integration of tools is necessary to find checksum in HEW Compiler?

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  • Hew is just an IDE which is an interface to a compiler/debugger toolchain.  It is the functions of the tool chain that would determine this I guess.

    I have used Hew with the Renesas M16C toolchains and RX600 as well as the KPIT RX600 tool chain.  None of these provide a way, that I have seen, to get the checksum from within Hew. I always use FDT to do a file checksum.  The newer Renesas Flash Programmer software doesn't appear to support file checksum.


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    As Paul said, there is nothing like a HEW compiler. There is a RX compiler or SH or H8 compiler being operated with HEW as interface.

    The compiler for the 3 families mentioned before support a command line option like "-crc", which can be used to calculate the checksum of a defined part of the generated code and store this checksum in the output file.

    I think the GNU compiler and the M16C/R8C compiler cannot generate checksums.

  • Hello Vadu,

    FrankL is corrrect, it is the tool chain, not the IDE. One point of clarification is that it is done by the Linker since everything must be resolved (pointer, etc.) before you can do a CRC.

    e2studio - can be set in linker -> output-> advanced  dialog (RX below attached)

    HEW - not sure, you may need to add as User command in the linker dialog, Please check for advanced tabs or CRC tabs in HEW Linker settings.