L2330 (E) Relocation size overflow : "C:\WorkSpace\coro170_8\boot\Debug\start.obj"-"V0"-"0000000a"

L2330 (E) Relocation size overflow : "C:\WorkSpace\coro170_8\boot\Debug\start.obj"-"V0"-"0000000a"

Below is the code snippet which we think causing the issue.

37 : startup:







112 : _START:

When it try to jump to _START it gives this error.

Previously we were using Hitachi compiler now we are trying to use HEW compiler where we are see this issue.

Are we missing any setting ?

Can some one please help how can we solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance 

  • vadu,

    Unfortunately much more information is needed here. Can you paste the actual source? What compiler? What processor?

    My guess is that you do not have the stack and needed processor configuration setup correctly.


  • Compiler : HEW

    Controller : NXP MC68302


    VBR_BOOT_ADD .equ h'00000000  ; Vect Base Reg on boot

    CCR_ADDR .equ H'FFFFFFEC ; base address of CCR

    EXPEVT .equ H'FFFFFFD4 ; base address of CCR



    ; .org H'0000


    MOV.L #CCR_ADDR,R1 ; get base address of CCR, CACHE CONTROL

    ; MOV.B #H'0B,R0 ; 0000 0000 0000 1011  Enable Cache

    MOV.B #H'2B,R0 ; 0000 0000 0000 1011  RAM MODE with CACHE

    ; MOV.B #H'08,R0 ; 0000 0000 0000 1000  DON'T USE CACHE

    ; MOV.B #H'28,R0 ; 0000 0000 0000 1000  RAM MODE/NO CACHE

    MOV.L R0,@R1 ; set cache flush/write though

    MOV.L #VBR_BOOT_ADD,R0   ; Pickup vector base register (VBR) address

    LDC     R0,VBR        ; save value in VBR




    MOV.L INITIAL_SR,R0        ; Build lockout value

    LDC.L R0,SR ; Lockout interrupts

    XOR R14,R14 ;R14 = 0, cold start flag

    MOV.L #EXPEVT,R1 ;R1->EXPEVT, how did we get here?

    MOV.L @R1,R0 ;R0=R1->EXPEVT, get exception vector

    CMP/EQ #0,R0 ;Set T=1 if R0 == 0 , Power on not manual

    BT START1 ;if (T=1) goto START1

    MOV.L wdtexit,R0 ;R0 = exit address

    JMP @R0 ;main pgm watchdog entry.


  • "Controller : NXP MC68302" - Please try NXP tech support

  • Try looking for the option of using 32bit branches if you can't find such an option in the build options tab then try adding it manually this will depend on compiler which you don't specify but try -branch=32

    BTW Hew is not a compiler it is an IDE it can call a number of compilers.