Hide warning and MISRA checker

Hi erveryone,

1) I'm wondering if a #pragma exist to hide (filter) warning inside a C file.

2) The MISRA checker doesn't work when the program language is set to C99. But it works properly when the program language is set to C(C89)

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  • For both questions it would be useful to know which compiler you use.

    This is not a HEW issue, but an issue of the compiler in use.

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    You are right, the toolchain information is as the follow:

    High-performance Embedded Workshop

    RX Standard Toolchain (V.

    RX Family C/C++ Compile Driver V.

    RX Family C/C++ Compiler V.

    RX Family Assembler V.

    Optimizing Linkage Editor V.

    RX Family C/C++ Standard Library Generator V.

    Thanks for your reply

  • In reply to Gr3G:

    CCRX does not have a#pragma to suppress warnings. This can only be done using command line options. Only informational messages can be suppressed. To suppress a warning message you have to use -change_message=<error_number> to switch the warning message to an informational message, and in addition you have to use -nomessage=<error_number> to suppress the message. You can define these options file specific for every source file, so you don't have to suppress a warning for all files.

    MISRA can be used only with C89. It is ignored when using C99 or CPP.