Why do I get timeout error every time I run from reset?

I am using following Tools: Renesas High Performance Embedded Workshop(HEW) Version 4.09. Renesas E8a Emulator IAR Compiler posek real-time embedded kernel based on OSEK standard. My target board is wired with Renesas M16C/6N5 Group Microcontroller. Every time I run from reset in the debugger, I get following error: "Communication timeout error. Please restart E8a SYSTEM" (Is there anyway I can attach this error to this post ? ) I looked up this error in E8a Emulator User's Manual. The explanation given is as follows: " If Timeout error is displayed, the emulator cannot communicate with the target microcomputer. Turn off the emulator and the user system and connect the emulator again by using the High-performance Embedded Workshop. " I do that but I still get this error every time when I run from reset in the debugger. If I set a breakpoint in my code. Then, when I run from reset, it breaks at the breakpoint. When I run from breakpoint, most of the times it runs until I halt execution. Once in while it will give timeout error. What might be the problem? Am I not setting up the debugger properly ? Or Am I not setting up the real-time embedded kernel properly? Thank you!
  • Have you got an external watchdog connected.  Or could there be noise on the reset line.

    You may also have run away code execution perhaps a null pointer function call or you may have corrupted the ram contents used by the debugger.


  • M16C uses standard UART1 for communication with E8a.

    Reconfiguraring UART1 can cause a time out error.

    Changing clock source of UART 1 can cause a time out.

    The debug monitor being executed in M16C needs 128 bytes RAM and 14 bytes of stack memory. Make sure your software does not write to this work RAM of the debug monitor and every tasks has 14 byte of stack left for the debugger.

    Please have a look at the chapter "Notes on using E8a emulator" of the E8a User's Manual. This describes which resources are uses by the emulator and must not be modified by your software.

    Can you see if your software is still working after you get the time out error? If your software crashes, this may also cause a problem for the debug monitor.



  • Thank you very much for answering this question.  I'll look into this and reply back.

  • Thank you very much for answering this question.  I'll look into this and reply.