Question statistics GNU compiler

When using HEW with Renesas Compiler I get an immediate overview about data and rom which is in use. Not so with the GNU compiler. Does anybody know how to get a simple overview of the data and flash which my program used?

  • There are three options, in increasing order of detail (all are command line tools/options):

    rx-elf-size myprog.elf gives you three numbers - text (rom) size, initialized data size, and uninitialized data (bss) size.

    rx-elf-objdump -h myprog.elf breaks this down by individual sections and also tells you where in memory they're located.

    rx-elf-ld -Map tells the linker to produce a link map when it links, telling you where each object file got placed.

  • Thank you very much for the detailed reply. This is very helpful.