HEW Performance analysis to find out the size of a function??

after opening the performance analysis window by going to View -> Performance -> Profile

I was able to view the size of a specific function and it is display in HEX format. But I dont know the unit of the function size whether it's in Bytes or sth else?

Can anyone help me with this pls?


  • Which debugger do you use?

    For which processor?

    If the size of a function were not given in byte, what unit should it be?

  • E20 RX610

    I assumed the unit is byte. But HEW does not show the unit of the size field anywhere, not even in the user manual as far as I know sad

  • Sorry, I don't see the size in the performance window.

    I see the size in Call Walker and in Mapview. Both list all functions, each start address and size.

    By simply calculating from one start address to the start address of the following function you see the size must be in byte, but it is not mentioned anywhere.

  • You are right, thankyou very much happy