How to change Hew format viewer font

About the ,is there anyone who has the same experence ?

     In th HEW View font --> HWE-->Setup-->Format Views ,

Changing HEW GUI font only works on "細明體","微軟正黑體","新細明體","標楷體" those type of fonts. 

Changing any other English fonts like "Courier New" or "Consolas" does not work but just display in  the default font "細明體".

is there any people who knows the menthod to change the english view font.

My winsows version was WinXP 32 bit SP3 Trandition Chinese version.

Following infromation is my HEW version.

HEW -->Version

M16C Series, R8C Family C Compiler V.5.45 Release 01 (5-23-2011 17:15:15)

M16C R8C FoUSB/UART Debugger V.1.03 Release 00 (5-24-2011 10:55:23)

E8a Emulator Software V.1.03 Release 01 (5-25-2011 13:13:54)