E8a, how to skip the ID check?

Hello, one of our prodiucts is using H8s / Tiny 20215F, in this product we have a self-reprogramming firmware that upgrades itself via RS485 and a proprietary protocol

Some of these units crashed during the firmware updating, only a few cases occurred, so it's difficult to reproduce the problem on the lab.

A ggod help would be connect the E8A emulator and inspect the Flash area to see which part of the code was not written correctly. unfortunately, if I connect the emulator and select the "keep flash" option, it asks for an ID.  For sure the ID is NOT E8A, since the Flash has been entiorely rewritten by the firmware itself...  How can I skip the "ID" check and inspect the target memory anyway??

thanks so much...


  • I'm sorry, but the ID check is a means to prevent unauthorized reading of the flash memory. So I believe there is no way to connect to the device w2ithout erasing the flash memory if you don't know the ID.