HEW compare multiple build configurations ?

In a project (HEW with Renesas Compiler) I have multiple build configurations derived from common ancestor configuration. The reason for this was mainly to provide different #defines via the build configuration settings, so that I can use either 'Build All' or 'Build Multiple' to generate many executables from one operation.

As time has gone by I'd now like to compare the different build configurations (assembler, compiler, linker, etc... ) to see that they are still equal except for the definitions. There doesn't seem to be a 'make' file for each configuration, and without manually in HEW going through all the umpteen settings on all the tabs for each configuration I can't see a way of making a comparison.

Is there a method to do this ??

  • There is no simple way to compare the options. But in each configuration every tab has a text field at the bottom that lists all options for this tool. You "only" need to compare the contents of these text boxes for every tab.

    Or you manually switch through all build configurations and generate a make file for each.