e8a self test failure

Hi, I've had several e8a failures and am looking to try and repair them but can not find any documentation online as what the error codes mean in the self test logs.

for example.

*** E8a Self Check Program Log *** 2011.12.28

  BOARD ID    = 02

                                     STATUS  ADDRESS DATA MASK COMPARE

  [TEST1] OK =     1  NG =     0

  [TEST2] OK =     0  NG =     1      0005    FFFFB0  3A   FF    BA

  [TEST3] OK =     0  NG =     0

  [Error Message]  The E8a has failed.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a document to what these mean? or possibily a schematic for the e8a as buying new ones is starting to get a bit expensive.


  • The E8a uses an H8S/2215 .  The errror code is indicating that a port FFFFB0  bit 7 is reading incorrectly.  FFFFB0 is P1 and you can see that the data should be BA but is 3A, so bit 7 is wrong.  That bit goes to pin 5 of the 15 pin interface connector.  This would be the E8a receive input (should be coming from a transmit output on your target MCU).  If E8a's are getting damaged I would check the connection to this pin.  You might need to provide some protection (series resistance or clamp diodes) to this pin if the connection is correct.  Please check the E8a connection supplement for the apppropriate MCU for connections.

  • The interface connector is 14 pins, not 15 as I indicated.  Sorry for the typo