HEW Installation issue on Win XP (crash on open)...

Goodmorning everybody,

I've just finished to download and install the free HEW 4.1 version (2009) for H8 family.

When I try to open the ide it appears only for half a second and then disappears...

Did anyone know this issue?

Thanks to everybody!


  • Sorry, I don't know this problem but there is no HEW for H8. There is a compiler for H8, that can be operated by HEW.

    HEW 4.01 is dated 2006, not 2009.

    You most probably require to use a specific compiler version. Which is this? When using HEW 4.01 it should be something around V.6.1.

    Where did you download these old tools? I think they are not available on the Renesas homepage.

    I would propose you update your HEW to the latest version 4.09 and see if this will start correctly. You can use the old compiler also with the latest HEW version.

  • Sorry FrankL I wrote wrong.

    My HEW version is 4.09 and I have the toolchain for H8, dated  2009 (as you said).

    However I can't explain me where is the problem... I tried to install HEW on Virtual Box (WinXP mounted) on the same machine and everything went ok..

    But on the host PC I've always the crash of HEW...

  • Please try what happens if you delete the HEWServer directory in the HEW installation (HEW\System\SEC\HewServer\)

    Best to delete the complete directory.

  • I deleted it... but nothing still happen.. always crash !

  • Does the HEW crash, if the IDE tries to open a HEW project ? If yes, try to delete the ".nav" file in the project directory... I had similar problems with a HEW project and deleting this file always helped me.

  • No.. I'm trying to open it from the HEW.exe...

  • Hey Vivo,

    I do not follow your previous response.  When you say "No..I'm trying to open it from the HEW.exe", have you tried to open up Hew by double clicking on a workspace? Or are you only having issues with HEW crashing upon using the HEW.exe?

    This seems to be a new issue all around.  You said earlier that you are capable of getting HEW to run properly on a virtual machine but not on the non-virtual machine is this correct?  I assume that you are running windows 7 operating system as it is running a XP Virtual machine?


    Anthony Harris