Printf() with debug console support and SH2A


how can I use printf() with debug console and E10A for SH2A?

With Renesas RX it's very easy, I just need the two files lowsrc.c and lowlvl_DebugConsole.src in my project.

Do these two files also exists for SH2A?



  • hi, i want to do the same for RX62N. where did you find lowlvl_DebugConsole.src file?

    thank you

  • I don't know where lowlvl_DebgConsole should come from.

    The easy way is you create a new project in HEW and select the "Usee I/O Library" function. This will add lowsrc.c and lowlvl.src to your application.

    OR you copy the files from HEW\System\Pg\Renesas\RX\Rx_1_1\Generate\