What does the error "Invalid address range. The range must not cross a memory map boundary." mean?

Using HEW 4.09 and an E1 emulator with an RX62N target, this error is generated when attempting to load the program image (I've also seen this error using the RX62N RDK and the J-Link):

Invalid address range. The range must not cross a memory map boundary.

There's nothing obviously amiss: sections are not overflowing, the hardware is working. Questions:

  1. What does this error mean?
  2. How can the problem be solved?

One note: the error can be avoided by moving the ROM areas of the program from FFF80000 (i.e., the start of the RX62N flash) to FFFA0000. Unfortunately I really need that extra memory...



  • Which compiler do you use?

    Which version is this?

    Do you have en errro number for this? I think I saw it in the past but I don't have it any more and I don't think I changed anything.

  • The Renesas compiler, V 1.02.01.  There's no error number, the message just pops up in a modal dialog when the download starts.  The problem only occurs when a section (any section) crosses the FFFA0000 boundary; unfortunately the sections can't be arranged so this doesn't happen.  I had seen this problem earlier when using the RDK and like you, never figured out what caused it to happen.

    If someone can say exactly what this messages means, with any luck I can reason backwards to the solution.


  • So it is a debugger message.

    Did you select R5F562N8 as target processor?

    Selecting the target processor you automatically select the the MCU file for this processor. This references to a memory map file (*.mbl). And the memory map file defines the valid address range.

    The message means that some part of your file is outside the address range for this processor.

    It should be OK if you select R5F562N8 as target processor.

  • Thanks - that did it.  And now I know that the right device type isn't detected automatically...  It's also good to know about the .MCU file and its brethren.