Auto Update

I have a problem with the AutoUpdate tool that comes with HEW. The OS is Windows XP SP3.

After installation it finds nothing to update.

I tried the solution offered in a Renesas FAQ for problems with this tool: Uninstall, reboot, reinstall, but it is always the same. It says "No applications are currently registered"

There are some issues that may be the cause: HEW is installed on the local drive F:, but the WORKSPACE directory is on C:

And it is possible that there are remains in the filesysten or the registry from older installations that where not properly unistalled. For example: there was a directory "MTOOL" on a local drive with an old compiler that was used without HEW.

I don't want to reinstall the whole HEW and toolchains, if the problem can be solved otherwise.

And I'm doubtful if this would solve the problem if there are old remains like specicic folders, files or registry entries or Path-settings from other HEW or compiler installations.

So it would be nice if somebody could give me some advise on what to look for, to clean up manually.

Or is there something like a command line switch to force the AutoUpdate to search for applications?