Lost watch window in existing hew project.

I have been working on an RX621 projects in hew using the Kpit compiler.  Everything was fine, I have used Hew for 10 years with M16C, then all of a sudden there was no watch window option for view variables.  There is no Icon, no keyboard shortcut, no contect menu entry etc.  I must have accidentally enabled/disabled some option.  If I start a new project using either KPIT or Renesas compilers I get the watch window back. 

Does anyone know what I have done to get in this state and how to get out.  I can create a new project and re-add the files but I don't want to have to do this if it happens again.


  • Hi Paul,

    This is going to sound stupid and only mentioning based on past experience.

    Look at your view menu. Is the "Watch" selection "low-lighted" (greyed out)?

    If yes, look around your widows and make sure it is not open and narrowed down to a "sliver" size. Usually look for extra horiz or vert lines and hover your cursor to see if it changes to "slider" icon (double arrows).

    As I said, sounds stupid, but I have had others do this and not notice the "compressed" watch window.

    Other than that corrupt project or debugger session file could do it (try new debugger session first, easier to generate).

    Good luck finding your watch window.



  • Hi Paul!!

    Didn't you accidentally change the "Default debug format" in  the "Debug Settings" dialog box?

    If so, this FAQ may help.

    FAQ 102245




  • Hurrah,

    Yes this was it.  Should have known.

    Thankyou very much gge.