Debugging at an offset

I'm trying to implement a simple OS and have tasks compiled separately from the build currently with an M16C but moving on to the RX later.  To build a task I just start with an empty project and write the code without any sections.  This seems to do what I require and generates code that starts at address 0 and is relocatable.  I can add a number of the files produced as download modules and add separate offset addresses, however if I specify an x30 file although it correctly downloads the executable to the correct location the debugger does not get the same offset information but uses the original absolute address.  Is there anyway of achieving what I need in Hew or do I have to build my tasks at known locations for the purpose of debugging.



  • OK I have moved on to the RX processor and Hew seems to be able to do what I require.  If an .ABS file is generated then I can add an offset and the debug information appears to track with it.

    I have now also started to look at the e2studio as it would appear that this is the way that renesas will move in the future with less development being put into HEW.  Does anyone know of a way of specifying an offset in the eclipse/e2studio for use with the GDB debugger.

    Many Thanks


  • how have you been currently adding the offset using HEW? probably the same may exists in e2studio....

  • Please have a look at the debug configuration for Renesas GDB Hardware Debugging on the Startup tab.