Downloading two modules?

I am using HEW with an RX621.

Hew offers the ability to download multiple modules.

When I set up my two modules to be downloaded it does indeed download them both but the second download clears out Flash before downloading, so I end up with only the second module in memory. Is it possible to prevent the second module download clearing flash before it downloads?

My two programs are mapped to different 16K flash blocks.

Any ideas?

  • Hello Tainshy,

    the second dialog in the connection to E1 (or JLink) called "Configuration Properties" has a tab "Internal flash memory overwrite". Please add the memory, that you don't want to be erased, in this dialog. All memory added here will only be erased if the download module has new data to write to this memory block.



  • Hi tainshy

      Try to download your module in emulator setting  "Keep Flash and Connect" mode . This prevent the flash memory.

  • I couldn't find the "Keep Flash and Connect" setting anywhere. FrankL's post has sorted me though. Thank you for your time to suggesting a solution.

  • Brill. Thank you FrankL. I had to add 2 areas so that when I update either module the other area is not deleted.