Documentation for Tcl/Tk commands

Where can I find documentation for the Tcl/Tk commands available under HEW?

For example, the "lis" command shows about 100 commands, but where can I find what each of them does?

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi JB,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I already had found that document, and it is helpful, but I need even more detailed information.

    I would like to write a Tcl script that would run under HEW that I could use to simulate key presses by a user on a 12-key keypad; so I need to be able to have the script run to a breakpoint, set a variable, and then continue, etc. If I could see an example of something like that, it would be very helpful.

    For example, I typed the "lis" command, and saw a very long list of commands, but could not find any information on what the commands did, etc. For example, I saw the following commands: "stop_function_after", "step_interrupt", "open_test_suite", etc.

    I am using HEW Version, with an H8S/2472F target.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I don't think there is any more documentation except for general Tcl/Tk documentation not published by Renesas.
    For your problem I would assume that recording/writing a macro that does what you like seems to be the better/easier solution.
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    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the suggestion; I'll look into that possibility.

    It would still be nice to have the documentation, though, for those commands; and I suspect that some documentation exists somewhere.

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    Hi Frank,

    Sorry, I forgot to ask this earlier: where can I find documentation on how to work with, and what things can be done with, recording or writing a macro?

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    Have you found the solution you were looking for?

    Mike Clements
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  • Hi Mike,

    No, I never found the solution I was looking for, but have since moved on.