Toolchain V9.0.1.1

Do you know maybe how I can add license to toolchain V9.0.1.1?

I have HEW V4.09.007. I can see toolchain V9.0.1.1 in the setting (Tool Administration ->  Toolchains).

I do not see this toolchain if I go to the License Management.

  • SHC 9.0.1 uses Sentinel Licensing V7. This is not supported in HEW License Management.
    SHC 9.0.1 installs a stand alone "Add License Key" utility. when you look for it in windows start menue make sure you get the correct one as each of the old compiler using Sentinel 7 has its own Add License Key utility and saves the license key in a different directory.
    SHC V.9.0.1 can NOT use the license key that works with SHC V.9.2.0 or later.