How to include content of .dat module at certain address in a single .mot file


in my HEW project I load an external .dat file as a second module. The file is an ADPCM file audio that I set to be downloaded starting from a certain memory address.

Now, when I compile my project to obtain the .mot file this file does not include the content of the second module. Everytime I have to program my board I have to open HEW and download alla modules in debug, then everything goes ok. But since I need to program more boards I have to find a method to build a single .mot that contains also the ADPCM data, is there a way to do so?


thank you

  • If you use the dat file as second module I assume this is a file in hex format (Intel hex or Motorola hex).
    Such hex files cannot be processed by the linker.
    You have to convert it to a assembler source file, or you merge the dat file (if it is Motorola hex format) manually with the linker generated mot file.
    As probably both the dat file and the linker generated file include start and end records it is not easy to merge them automatically.