link errors



Just as background, This is an integration project. The project I got is a makefile project and we use HEW as debugger only.

Also Refering to this post:


I get  these errors after adding some c++ files to the project.

** L2310 (E) Undefined external symbol "_abort" referenced in "error"
** L2310 (E) Undefined external symbol "_sbrk" referenced in "malloc"


These are stdlib symbols which I don't use to my best knowledge, furthermore I don't use stdio function which could call these, like printf etc...

so I don't know how to solve this issue. Does someone have an idee?

  • Hello Ronen,

    Sorry did not see the device.

    When you use malloc it depends on a function to manage heap.
    If you are using standard project generator, this is usually in sbrk.c

    Similar with Abort. When you use standard PG it will put abort inthe main file, but only "uncomment it" if cplusplus is defined. Look for it in main C file of you project.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Kevin,

    You are right, thanks!