Removing protection when using Flash Programmer V2.05 via a script

Hello all,

we are using the Renesas Flash Programmer V2.05 to program the RH850 MCU via a script. We want to remove write protection before programming the MCU. This can be done in the GUI by executing "All Erase" but unfortunately it is not available as a script command. Setting "All Erase before program" to true seems not to have the same effect, I get the usual error message when trying to program, e. g.

Error(E1020013) : Protection error
Error(E1010003) : Operation failed

So, my question is how can you remove protection when using a script for programming?

Here is the script:

log C:\Workspace\...\Log.log
workspace C:\Workspace\RH850.rws
serial e1 4AS059856C
erase device
programfile C:\Workspace\..\SKECU_Final.hex userdata
programfile C:\Workspace\...\SKECU_ExtCodeFlash.hex userboot