Debug starts in Disassembly window in HEW

I am facing 2 issues.

1. When i connect Sigger jlink the code cant download automatically, i need to 1st build all then code downloaded to flash.

2. After downloading the Disassembler window opens and i cant redirect to source code.

the above issues are observed in only one work space.

my C/C++ option

-cpu=rx600 -include="$(PROJDIR)" -include="$(PROJDIR)\RPDL"  -define=DEVICE_PACKAGE_LQFP_100,LWIP_DEBUG -output=obj="$(CONFIGDIR)\$(FILELEAF).obj" -debug -nologo

and Link options-

-noprelink -rom=D=R,D_1=R_1,D_2=R_2 -nomessage -list="$(CONFIGDIR)\$(PROJECTNAME).map" -show=all -nooptimize -start=B_RX_DESC,B_TX_DESC,B_RX_BUFF_1,B_TX_BUFF_1,B_1,R_1,B_2,R_2,B,R,SU,SI,BETH_BUFF/01000,C_1,C_2,C,L*,C$*,D*,PResetPRG,P,PIntPRG,W*/0FFFC0000,FIXEDVECT/0FFFFFFD0 -nologo -library="$(PROJDIR)\RPDL\RX62N_library.lib" -output="$(CONFIGDIR)\$(PROJECTNAME).abs" -end -input="$(CONFIGDIR)\$(PROJECTNAME).abs" -form=stype -output="$(CONFIGDIR)\$(PROJECTNAME).mot" -exit

HEW version - 4.09

  • These features are normally set as options in Hew and are not dependent on Compiler/Linker though I do not know if the Segger Jlink restricts the options from the E8 use.

    To download on connect

    Choose Debug->Debug Settings

    Highlight the download module then choose Modify the last option should be to download automatically on target connection.

    There can be a number of reasons to end up in dissasembly mode the easiest of which to check is the option to do this

    Go to Setup->Options

    Select the Debug Tab

    The last checkbox should be use Disassembly source-mode as primary debug mode.


  • In reply to Paul Brown:


    Have you resolved your issue?

    Mike Clements

    RenesasRulz Moderator

  • In reply to Mike Clements:

    Usually this happens when a workspace is moved from one location to another. Then the source references in the debug file point to the wrong directory. A simple build often does not help because make sees that the object file is newer than the source file and does not recompile it. Make does not recognise changed location. You have to a complete rebuild manually (using "Build All") or simply delete the complete directory with all generated objects before you run the compiler.