Part number suffix -TS2490 vs -T or -T7A

Hello.  We are currently using the PN ISL28025FR12Z-T in production.  One of our supply sources have this part number, but with a supplemental suffix (ISL28025FR12Z-TS2490).  Now, I have seen both these PN listed in PCN 20029A and PCN21005, but I can't identify the exact difference between the -T and the -TS2490 suffix.  Is it for the packing/reel configuration only ?  I can see, in your Datasheet  ISL28025 the difference between "no suffix", "T" suffix and "T7A" suffix, but I can't find anything on the "TS2490" suffix.  Thanks for helping me on this, and have a nice day!

  • Hi Francois,

    I am an apps engineer for Intersil. ISL28025FR12Z-T is for a 13 inch tape and reel containing 6000 pieces, ISL28025FR12Z-T7A is for a 7 inch tape and reel containing 250 pieces. ISL28025FR12Z-TS2490 is the same as part number ISL28025FR12Z-T but with additional customer specific requirements related to data code and shipping package marking etc. You can use ISL28025FR12Z-TS2490 in place of ISL28025FR12Z-T as the part itself is identical.

     Cindy Huberty, Staff Applications Engineer

  • Cindy,

    This is great.  Thank you very much for the follow up.  I really appreciate.  Best regards.

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