ZMOD4410 - Interfacing the 12-LGA pins with esp32 using I2C

Hi Renesas community,

I am trying to build a gas sensor array and have bought the ZMOD4410 gas sensor (building block) from digikey to be integrated into the array. I am trying to find the pin assignments for the 12-LGA pins so that I can connect it to my M5Stack Core2, I have found the schematic but not specifically for the 6*2-rows placement of the 'building block' sensor, is there a document where I can refer to regarding this and also the available libraries to be downloaded in an Arduino IDE?

I apologise for the lack of knowledge as I am very new to this. I appreciate any guidance that you can provide and point me towards to. I have already visited the ZMOD4410 product page and the documentation but still am unable to find the information I need to get the sensor interfaced to the m5stack core2. Thank you!