hi, can isl15102 be used on a DC-24V powerline for communication?

i want to design a power line communication on DC 24V powerline.

the system is a two wires system for power an communicaiton.the maximum current is 6A, and the cable's longest distance is  is 600 meters. there will be 60 nodes on the line.

can isl 15102 be used on the dc power line?



  • Hi zhuoyouheng,

    I'm not sure if there's someone in this forum who can answer your question about this device. Have you checked its datasheet and evaluation board to see if it can be used for your application? You can also contact your local sales representative to ask about this device.

  • The data sheet for the device says it can drive 20 Vp-p with no load. But it is spec'ed to drive a 50 ohm load. Normally the amplitude is 2 Vp-p. Therefore it cannot drive the current level you are wanting.
    Also, you say you want to drive 60 nodes on the line. This chip is designed to drive a 50 ohm line impedance, hence the load would be 50 ohms at the end of the transmission line. It does not appear to be possible to drive 60 nodes as this would result in an improperly loaded transmission line. The typical bandwidth of the application is something like 60-90 MHz, so the signal itself is high frequency. To operate properly the transmission line needs to be terminated with 50 ohms. I have no idea how one would do that if there were 60 nodes attached.