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We are developing an application with hardware connection using the GR Sakura to control everything. For this, we design a motherboard and use the Sakura as daughterboard.

Is it possible to download the board files (not the schematic) anywhere, so we can ensure compatibility?



  • Hi Mitsuki,

    I'm not sure if GR-SAKURA's design files (gerber file) can be released in public, as you can see in its official website, only the schematic is available. By the way, what compatibility do you want to make sure? Because if it just the header pins, the GR-SAKURA has the same layout with Arduino Uno board. If you really want the design files, you may want to try contacting Renesas and ask it from them if they will allow.

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator

  • Hello,

    Main reason was we wanted to interface a battery for the realtime clock. Other than that, we want to be 100% sure pinouts are right - we are using all pins (five headers). A drawing with all dimensions for all pinheaders would be nice, if the board files can't be made available.

  • Mitsuki,

    Were you able to find the dimensions you were looking for?

    Mike Clements
    RenesasRulz Moderator
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