Using E1 emulator with sakura board

Hi all,

I am trying to use a gr-sakura via e2studio (latest version, 6) and an e1 emulator.

In no way I can make my E1 emulator work with sakura board. I soldered the correct 14-pin header to the board, verified that every signal (Vcc, MD, GND and so on) is really connected where it should, DESPITE the wrong ping numbers used in the gr-sakura schematic for the E1 connector. When trying to start the debugger, it says:

Firmware up to date at version ''
Failed to set the id codeE1_E20_IDCode() Failed
RxTargetDevice::startConnection() Rx_Init_E1_E20() Failed
GDB action 'connect to target', has failed with error report, Failed to set the id code
Disconnected from the Target Debugger.

I TRIED every possible setting in the debugger setup: JTAG, MD/FINE, external oscillator, HOCO and so on. EVERY possible setting. No way.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that, for some reason, there is an ID protection code in the flash; in this case, should the computer say so ("invalid ID code" or so)?

Is there anything else I should check to make the debugger work with gr-sakura?

Thanks in advance, regards...