Ethernet UIP_DEMO without LCD and RSPI

Hi Everyone,

                  I am doing a project in that i need to use Ethernet for communication. But i saw Ethernet UIP_Demo code which includes LCD and RSPI which i dont need. So is there any Demo code which works fine with only Ethernet Peripheral on it. I am Using  GR_SAKURA _YRDKRX63N Board. 

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  • So you feel capable enough to deal with Ethernet, but at the same time you don't know how to drop _existing_ code from a working project? What if your car shows up with a feature you don't need? You're dropping it for a smaller car fitted _exactly_ to your needs? If you're a programmer, just go ahead and remove the unneeded code from the project. I can tell you from own experience that this is a very efficient method to actually learn how the parts of the example project do work together.