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Kurumi Eye Shield Introduction


By: Okamiya Yuuki

Kurumi Eye Shield is a sensor network shield equipped with accelerometer, illuminance, temp-sensors, cap-microphone, SmartAnalog LSI (RAA730500DPF), and Xbee socket holes.  

SmartAnalog LSI supports dynamic temperature and illuminance environments and additional sensors can be added using the multiplexer.

Sensor side can be separated as a mini board with extended wiring. The mini board can be used for SARKUA or any Arduino devices.

Featuring extended through-holes for connection into Linksprite’s JPEG camera (serial) or an SD card (SPI).

Also includes a power supply through-hole for a lithium polymer battery (connected to Vcc…and I still regret that we didn’t connect it to RAW).

Note: you can use Arduino Pro Mini as well, but the accelerometer is connected via I2C and due to KURUMI spec requirements, the Arduino Pro Mini Wire library cannot be used.

Kurumi Eye Shield with GR-KURUMI

This is Yuuki Kamiya from Gadget Renesas. By the end of this year we want to upload an image of KURMUI with a body. This is where we are at so far.

As terms and phrases like M2M and IoT gain momentum across the globe, we are seeing a rise in application of ICT agriculture and interesting corporate applications, such as with smartphone.

Putting those thoughts aside, Arduino makes linking sensor networks a breeze. To be honest, and this is totally my personal ambition, I want to apply sensing and networks to bring my own home to life, turning it in to something like Howl’s Moving Castle! I want to be able to spot cockroaches, detect strange movements, make sure my kids are doing their homework, see if the veggies in the garden are getting enough sunlight…and more. I want to be able to all these seemingly minor things by tapping on my magic box. I don’t know how thrilling this will be or what kind of new ideas it will generate, but it has brought me as far as this shield prototype.

My plan is to offer this shield to a few members of the SAKURA Board Users Group first, to anyone interested in trying it out. As there is a limited number available, my only condition is that you make a short presentation at Renesas Night 4. I’ll provide the shield, XBee + alpha. If you are interested and have time to try it out, please attend the User’s Group indicated below.

Click here for sample of KURUMI that serves as sensor node to send data

Click here for sample of SAKURA that serves as a gateway to receive data