How to get MAC Address of GR Sakura Board

hi all,

How to get the MAC address of GR sakura Board?


Ashok r

  • Hi there,

    as I have seen in a Forum.. you have to set the MAC address by our own..



  • Hi Chris,
    If it can be set by ourself , how do I can set mac address?

    Ashok r
  • In reply to azok:

    Hi Ashok r,

    I saw the definition in the reference  ( )

    and a sample code from Okamiya Yuuki ... (   )   ( you have to scoll down.. it's an answer )

    as a reminder.. a MAC address is unique in the Internet.. if you connect the Sakura-Board to a test Environment only, you shoud make sure, there is no identical MAC in your Network, neither the IP address.. :-)  ( I know, everybody knows.. but sometime something can happen..)