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Connector for GR-KURUMI and E1/E20

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Owner: carcon 999
Date: June 9, 2013

I created this connector for easy connections between GR-KURUMI and E1 or E20, which most of you probably have already.
Please refer to the document offered by Suzuki-san (2013_01_19 GR-KURUMI_応用例_2.pdf) for instructions on how to connect GR-KURUMI and E1.

E20 connection requires TOOL0 to be pulled-up. Add the parts indicated in red below to enable programming
*E20 cannot supply power to GR-KURUMI,  Therefore, you need an external power supply.

"エミュレータコネクタ” and "電源” in diagram means "Emulator connector" and "Power supply".

*I borrowed this diagram from Suzuki-san’s documents and adjusted accordingly. Please remove if this is a violation of copyright or other rules.
Please give E20 a chance -- I think you’ll like it!



What is the power supply voltage range?

Carcon 999

Using a Li-po batteries, I was able to run the board using 3.7 - 4.1V.
The following is the reference material I used:
I’m not sure if it will run on 1.8V.

Fujita Nozomu

> *E20 cannot be powered via GR-KURUMI and requires an external power supply.
I found the following on the Renesas E20 page.

“NOTE: The large capacity trace and realtime RAM monitor functions, two key features of this product, are not supported by all MCUs. These two functions are currently only supported by RX600 Series (as of April 2012). When using other MCUs, the functions are the equivalent of those supported by E1.”

So…it seems like there is no really good reason to use E20 with GR-SAKURA.

Suzuki Yasuyuki

Thanks to all the producers for the many ideas on how to use E20.
I am a fan of MINICUBE2 and haven’t really used E20 much. I guess I will have to stick with E1.
Since MINICUBE2 was (I think) the world’s first emulator to include a color LED, it seems like it would be the perfect emulator for KURUMI. Too bad …

Carcon 999

Fujita-san: If you have both E1 and E20, E1 would be the easiest to use with KURUMI. It is also slightly smaller.
Suzuki-san: So you are already using MINICUBE2? You can run the emulator on 10K! That got me all excited!
Even though it is full color, it didn’t seem like it to me. (I only remember red for startup (maybe?) and green when executing a program (I think). But the size was perfect! (Note: using the past tense!)