Captured to IDE for GR E0.6.0 (for Windows) wiki page

IDE for GR E0.4.0 (for Windows)

This is a English translation of Japan RenesasRulz.

This Windows software is the Arduino IDE for GR reference boards. (*Arduino is the trademark of the Arduino Team)

I released it as a beta version for GR-KURUMI board. Please note that the download of the zip file is very slow, so I posted it in a Google Drive.

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A. Install

When you download the zip file and unzip it, you will find file "ide4gr.exe" under folder "idef4gr-0.4.0". Then you click the file, the IDE will be invoked and the following boot menu will pop up.

After this boot menu, you will see the following IDE GUI screen.


B. When using for the first time

1. Select the HelloKurumi sample sketch as shown below by clicking UP arrow button.


2. Connect KURUMI to a USB port on your PC via the FTDI module.

The drive installation begins automatically. Next, you need to specify the corresponding COM port from Menu [Tool] --> [Serial Port] --> [COMxx]. Here COMxx is the serial port of FTDI module connected to your PC.

3. Build and Download the demo program

Then you click RIGHT arrow button, then the IDE will build the demo program and download it in the KURUMI board.

4. After the compile and download, the hairpin LEDs on the KURUMI board will turn on and off with 3 colors. Open the serial monitor by clicking the scope icon at the top-right window to see “Hello” displayed.  That's all the demo.  Now it's your turn to make your own sketch with KURUMI board. 

5. Revision History 

E0.4.0 (Apr 4th 2014)

  • Eliminated the verify step during the download.
  • Added SNShield library and sample.
  • Added samples that were originally in the Arduino IDE after confirming operations to a certain extent.


E0.3.0(Feb 7th 2014)

  • Updated KURUMI library, which was based on V1.01, to V1.04.


E0.2.0 (Feb 3rd 2014 )

  • Add baud rates 230400, 460800, and 921600 to the serial monitor.


E0.1.0 (Jan 25th 2014 )

  • Initial version.