IEBus Driver & Sakura

Does the Sakura (or any other boards) have a built-in IEBus driver/receiver? There doesn't seem to be much documentation about using the Sakura with CAN or IEBus i/o. The RX63 itself doesn't have one based on the documentation.

  • Looking at the sheet for the R5F563NBDDFP, the IEBus ports are located at pins 29&30, P17&P16.  Those two pins are broken out to the Sakura board connector CON8.  On the bottom of the Sakura board you can find the designations for P17 and P16, but in the bootloader I don't believe they are specifically configured to be recognized as IETXD or IERXD.  

  • No, it does not. As you pointed out, though RX63N has IEBus controller for mode 0 & 1 (not 2), it does NOT contain driver/receiver.
    As Mike pointed out, Pins 29 (P17/IETXD) & 30 (P16/IERXD) of RX63N are directly connected to the Arduino non-nounted extension CN10-3 (IO35) and CN10-4 (IO34), respectively. Both of RX63N ports are 5V torerant.

    As the result, external bus transceiver IC is required with 5V bus power with 3.3V MCU (TTL level) input, such as TI SN75176B. Renesas R2A11210SP is non promotion.
    Probably 180-Ohm protection resistor is required between transceiver and bus line in serial both for BUS(+) and for BUS(-), not RX631 and Transceiver.
    In addition, external cristal need to be changed from 12.000 to 12.582 MHz.