Regarding the address to which the CD must be sent


       I have received a mail that i have to send the CD burnt with my project video and documents but the address link given does not direct me towards the address it goes to Official Rules and Regulations page there I can see two addresses.One is renesas bangalore address and another one is EFY's New delhi address.Please tell me to which address i have to send the CD and also i need to know whether I can bring The CD in person.

  • hi,

    The message related to CD submission is system generated error. Please ignore that email.

    We deeply apologize for the error.

    Please refer to

    4.4. Using the GR PEACH Board and Renesas Online Compiler, contestants are expected to submit “Prototype”(defined below) by 15th January 2017.

    Prototype: The word Prototype refers to the working model and realization of the idea submitted in Abstract. To be eligible for the FINAL EVALUATION, contestants must submit:

    Video of the Working Prototype

    Report which includes Project Overview, Specifications, List of Components/ Costs, Source Code, Schematic Diagram, Circuit Diagram( if applicable), Basic Functionality of Project in words, Future Implementation Ideas(if applicable)

    Software code

    To submit a “Prototype” participants must upload their Project files to their “home page” after using their Login/Passwords.

    Prototype submission is accepted only online. No need for burning any report/ code on CD.