MBED NOT FOUND error in IDE for GR

i am trying to upload the sketch to GR-PEACH  using IDE and I am getting the error "MBED is not found!".I have installed the drivers and got the COM port,but still I am unable to upload the sketch.Please help me on this error 

  • Could you try to copy .bin from Web compiler?

    I'm not sure which is wrong, IDE or copy operation by windows.

    Do you know how to use web compiler? please refer to below.


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    hi yuuki,

              Web compiler works fine but i have to read the data from GR using serial monitor what can i do?

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    Compile and upload your code using web compiler and then read the data from serial monitor, it works for me. Have a try.

  • The port doesn't need to be found.
    Just program and download .bin from web compiler.
    Then copy it to GR- peach
    Reset it
    Open PC IDE and open serial monitor(should set com port to the correct one in the IDE[trial and error])
    You should see the output.
  • hey... you can search in %temp% folder of your system for offline GR Ide binary files are stored in temp folder ... find recent created folder and find .bin file move it to the mbed drive and done... mbed not found error comes when offline ide try to upload sketch binary to mbed drive... it has nothing to do with serial port (As upload sketch do no use serial boot loader in case of GR Peach as far as i know)