Store user data in EEPROM GR-Peach


I am trying to store some User Data in the EEPROM of GR-Peach and later retrieve it when it restarts. How can I achieve that?

  • Hi, sorry to reply delay. I confirmed our engineer.

    As a result, it is difficult to implement EEPROM library. First of all, GR-PEACH doesn't have data flash memory in itself as you may know.

    And next, in case we use eeprom on GR-PEACH, that is used for executing instruction via QSPI. So it is necessary to implement like below. We can realize that, but tough work for now.

    1) Store the program from eeprom to RAM on RZ/A1H

    2) Execute in RAM

    3) Store the data into eeprom in specified area.

    4) Switch the memory where RZ/A1H execute.