How To connect GR PEACH Board with Bluetooth?

Is there any code to connect BLE with GR PEACH Code? If available kindly send that sample code??

  • How about the following sample? It is likely to work If you change the Serial terminal.

    A change example of a Serial terminal.
      Serial Blue(p28,p27);
      Serial Blue(P8_14,P8_15);

    Other bluetooth modules.

  • Hi Okamiya Yuuki,

    How to connect HC05 with GR PEACH Board?  I tried with Arduino code and interfacing type by connecting TX,RX pins.Its is not working here.Why??

  • Hi Suresh,

    We have interfaced HC05 successfully with the GR Peach. As HC05 (Tx and Rx) supports 3.3V you can connect directly it to GR Peach no need of Voltage-Level Translator. Just connect the Tx pin of HC05 to Rx Pin of GR Peach and Rx pin of HC05 to Tx pin of GR Peach.

    GR Peach has 7 channels for UART communication. 

    Serial0: 0(RX), 1(TX) 
    Serial1: 41(RX), 42(TX) 
    Serial3: 25(RX), 26(TX) 
    Serial4: 8(RX), 9(TX) 
    Serial5: 7(RX), 6(TX) 
    Serial6: 22(RX), 23(TX) 
    Serial7: 63(RX), 64(TX)

    In my project i connected the HC05 to Serial4 and used Bluetooth to send data to GR Peach and show the same data on the PC serial monitor.


    String inString = "";    // string to hold input

    void setup() {
     Serial4.begin(9600); //set baudrate(9600) accordingly

    void loop() {
     // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

            char inChar = (char); //read the input
            inString += inChar;        //make a string of the characters coming on mySerial
          inString = "";  

    Hope you find this useful!!

  • Hi D_Amol,

    I tried your code,Still i didnt get any value in serial monitor.Will u pls send your serial monitor screenshot.

  • @Suresh

    check whether TX of your module is connected to RX of the Serial4 and vice-versa.

    check your baud rate