About Web compiler and e2studio project

Let me inform you about a development environment for GR-PEACH.

As you may know, we had prepare Web compiler for GR-PEACH, that enables to program like Arduino Sketch.

Now we have done to release V1.05 template on Web compiler, that enables USB host, Web server and Camera. And the speed of executing build got improved.


In addition, I put the project for e2studio as following link.


This project enables to develop on e2studio that is based on ECLIPSE.

  • In reply to lavaraja:

    Hi, we decided to develop MP3 library for GR-PEACH same as GR-SAKURA.

    Give us about several weeks. Could you go ahead your works from other parts?

  • In reply to Okamiya Yuuki:

     Hi Yuuki,

    is the  MP3 library for GR-PEACH developed and also  Could you please share the SoftwareSerial Library for GR peach ?. The current one in the web compiler folder is not having any implementation, instead it is just an empty file.

    Can you please share  below 2 lib files.



  • In reply to lavaraja:

    MP3 will be available in this week, now we are discussing with the developper about optimization issue of libmad.

    About SoftwareSerial, I'm sorry to confuse, but we have no library now. GR-PEACH has 7 channels of Hardware Serial, so we decide not to implement that.