Quarry to EFY Group about shipping detail of GR PEACH board

Dear EFY Group,
     My project is listed in among 150 nos projects. So kindly shipped the GR PEACH board as early as possible, because time is passing no.
     It will better if you shipped the material through SPEED POST, as our area is a village area and Private Currier Service is not available.
     If it not possible kindly forward the shipping detail so that I can track the shipment and collect material myself from Currier office, other wise they will return back the material saying that out of delivery area.
     Our registration ID: itsme_raju2002@yahoo.co.in
    Thanking you
Raj Kumar Mondal
Mob: 9572409316
  • Hi itsme_raju2002,

    I am also a contestant in this competition and i also tends to live in a small urban area yet i received my board yesterday ahead of the scheduled date:10-Sep-16. I think this time they are working on scheduled date as compared to the previous competition. So do not worry you may receive the board in this week itself.

  • Thank you D_Amol .............. Can you say how you have received i.e. through SPEED POST or Private Currier Service ........... ?

  • Hi itsme_raju2002,

    Yes this time they have sent the board through a private courier service. element14 sent the package via "Shree Maruti Courier Service Pvt. Ltd. (Domestic and International)" shipped from Whitefield, Bangalore.

  • Hello Friends,

    Today I also received GR Peach board, but courier service didn't shipped to my home. Actually they ask me to pick from their office. Same Shree Maruti Courier Service Pvt. Ltd.

  • HI Friends,

    I got a call from Renesas regarding the shipment of my GR-Peach Board. They gave a waybill  number. When I tracked that, it is telling that the board has been returned to the origin due to some problems. What should I do now in this case. Please advise.



  • Hi All,

    I am also facing  shipping problem. They gave me blue-dart  tracking number and when I checked with blue-dart  they said it was returned back due some issues. I am going to call EFY today and will update status.

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