GR-Peach Tech Contact / Support for India Participants

I would like to know the contact details for GR-Peach technical and general support person(s) in India, especially  those that may have been dedicated to clarify participants' queries. . Thanks.

If such resources are not available, I suggest that Renesas set aside some resources with the required expertise so that participants don't waste time needlessly. Like I am right now, looking for where to source shields and peripherals for this board. I have also posted about that.

  • Isn't there anyone from Renesas tasked with monitoring this board and responding to valid queries posted here while the contest is active?

  • In reply to Pranay:

    Hi, Pranay-san

    This is Matsuyama@Renesas. Of course we check Rulz, however the GR-PEACH support in India is the difficult situation. It becomes the remote support from Japan. We would appreciate your understanding.