Where can India Participants obtain compatible shields and peripherals?

I need the following peripheral devices for the GR-Peach board I received:

(1) CMOS camera

(2) Video Display  with Capacitive Touchscreen

(3) GPS module

(4) E-Compass

I expect that many contestants will have similar needs for shields. There needs to be a low cost (or loaner) source for the contest participants to obtain the necessary shields at the earliest and not break theiur budget at the same time. .

Where can I obtain peripherals for the GR-Peach board? I am located in India.

  • Hello Pranay, when I was searching for shield I got below links but are not Indian website.



    those are global distributors. It would have been better if any Indian distributor available.

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    DigiKey and Mouser charge an arm and a leg for shipping. DigiKey charges $40 USD shipping even if you just order one resistor from them. Element14 India will easily take a month to deliver.

    Really, the participants should be given support in obtaining the compatible shields and peripherals by the organizers and sponsors - Renesas / EFY etc.

    I request someone from Renesas and/or  EFY to kindly escalate this issue and resolve at the earliest, so we can obtain the needed shields/peripherals and get on with the project ASAP.  Like Brus mentioned above, we need an India based source for these add on devices. Thanks.

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    One practical solution is to put up all the GR-Peach available shields and peripherals for sale at near-cost prices on EFY's e-shop: Kits n' Spares : shopping.kitsnspares.com/.../index.asp . Just one possible solution out of many.

    I emailed Renesas (gadget_renesas@lm.renesas.com) yesterday about this but have yet to receive a reply. Is anyone at EFY / Renesas listening to our pleas? Please respond soon.

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    Hello Pranay, thank you very much for the suggestion. We have started talks to get the shields available. Will update you in a week on progress.

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    EFYGROUP - I am not able to obtain the two Renesas made shields I need. Please see this link renesasrulz.com/.../22263.aspx and advise. Thanks.

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    EFYGROUP - Please reply today. I need this stuff urgently, and I cannot find an online site in English to order it from. DigiKey is there but it has only one of the items I am looking for. Please arrange purchase of these items from Renesas or one of their distributors via EFY/ Kits-n-Spares and let me know how to proceed. See below for my requirement and the issues I am facing in ordering (also mentioned in another thread). Could you provide me contact info for an English-proficient  Renesas/EFY person who can help me purchase these items quickly? Thanks!

    Note: I need to buy (1) GR-PEACH AUDIO CAMERA SHIELD (2) GR-PEACH 4.3" LCD w/ Capacitive Touch screen. I am not able to find any online retailer for No. (2) where the site is in English. I see that DigiKey has (1) but they do not have (2) . (They only have the GR-PEACH 7" LCD.) The online store Matsuyama-san mentioned, www.zaikostore.com/.../stockList is showing no results if I search for "gr peach camera" , "gr peach lcd" .

    Question 1: How can I purchase these two items (1) and (2) so that I can place the order in English?

    Question 2. : (1) does not include the camera. I need a minimum 5MP resolution camera. The camera Renesas has suggested to use with their camera shield is MT9V111 which has only 0.3 MP resolution. I cannot use that.  Can you please suggest a compatible 5MP or higher resolution camera to use with the Renesas audio camera shield keeping in mind compatibility with the mbed camera library and suggest a site where I can place an order for that camera in English?

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    Reply from Renesas Team:

    Dear Members,

    Wifi / BLE  modules from Gainspan directly : contact Mr. Balasubrahmanya R. Kurdekar, email: Balasubrahmanya.Kurdekar@GainSpan.com

    To Buy peripherals boards for GR PEACH boards which we shipped  & further technical support from the below links



    Boards Distributor

    GR-PEACH boards can be purchased through the following sites:

    Japanese distributors are here. (日本での購入についてはこちら)

    Chip One Stop, Inc.


    Digi-Key Electronics


    Core Staff

    www.zaikostore.com/.../icon_externalLink2.gif (Click and search "GR-PEACH")

    Technical Support

    Technical Information

    GR PEACH Getting Started on mbed


    A guide for just starting to use their newly purchase GR-PEACH/GR-PEACH-FULL board.

    Code Repository on mbed


    Various codes to support processing for webcam, graphics, etc.



    TOPPERS/ASP Kernel with mbed and Arduino Library for GR-PEACH.

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    To buy TFT shield online, English version:


    Note: Zaiko order LCD shield to CORE & shipment by e/o this week to them, and scheduled to be displayed as a stock after Zaiko get it.

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    Still i dint got any info on Gr-Peach shields regarding availability and purchase, no response at all from GainSpan.

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    @Pranay, have you got any peripheral device like camera-audio shield?

  • Finally in ZAIKO store, now can buy the camera shield and the LCD shield.


    Please search for GR-PEACH.