Power Consumption of GR-Lychee board


I would like to know what is the current consumption of GR Lychee board if all modules (WiFi + Camera +  Audio + SD) are active/running.

(I am also using external components/modules attached with GR-Lychee for those i already know the current requirement.)

I need this info to decide on external battery capacity.



  • When I measured current I found it as 210 mA from multi meter, But I am not using all the components only camera and SD card operation is used with one LED blink, you can try it by connecting it in Series with multi meter with all component in use.
    I think ESP32 will not consume more than 50mA, and LED's are 20mA if using all led and MAX9867 with 2-5mA, you will get clear idea.

    When we are powering up with USB keep in fact that it is exceeds the 500 mA