Mbed LYCHEE Jlink Error

1. I am working on Lychee Mbed board. I have selected "Renesas GDB Hardware Debugging" option in configuration, with "target Type: R7S721030". But I am getting an error with Jlink. 

2. Can you give me Step by Step process to debug using jlink? (I have connected the cable correctly, no issues in this. Once I was able to debug using JLINK, but after that only Power LED is good, I am getting the error. )

3. I have imported the "lychee_Sketch" of Mbed Platform. Also It takes a lot of time to compile when I build it?

4. Only LED 5 is glowing with green color. LED 4 is glowing which is red in color. Also, Jlink LED goes Red when I start Debug.