Google Maps APIs with GR Lychee



I want to use the Location API services of the google maps in a project.

How to import the Location services or api to get the real time map of the location and further display or overlay my data from the sensor on it !!

Any similar working example or code on this one !!




  • OKay! So before I start first question do you have GPS on it to get Lat,long details? if not then google API will give you based upon the location you enter,

    So it integrate with Google Place API is actually very simple
    1. you need to generate an API key from google console Project(You may have to give details about the credit card and Bank), once you get the KEY, you can use that key into subsequent request,
    2. Find the right API which suits for your project.

    for eg: if you call this API,

    This will give us response in JSON format

    This will return an Image of a Map showing the location and zoom lavel to 13

    if you want real time location, then you need to send request at a particular interval of time ,

    There are number of API's present for different uses, this is just a example, you just need to send a https request and that will give you a response,

    what ever you are trying to find is available at with sample codes.

    now a days google is charging according to pay per use modal, so to avoid you can use openstreetmap API's also, though it does not have coverage like google but many of developers use that to get things done